In the beginning..

How did this start?

I decided at Christmas (2009) I was going to save up for, um, well I forget, now.

Anyway the best way for me to save at Christmas is to stay at home, no shopping or trips about.

I didn’t much want to get a bunch of books for 2-3 weeks.

So I got a couple of cones of very very fine wool off trademe, picked out a VERY ambitious pattern and decided that this would keep me out of trouble.



Still for sale on trademe, I might add.

This is the utterly most ambitious thing I have ever done!

Hooks out and bank account relatively intact after the hols and some 4 months later.

I thought I could maybe do a few bits and put them on Trademe, who knows…

Work had been a bit dead – no overtime, and so I needed some extra money.

I went out and got a few bright colours and did my ‘few bits’.

And here they are!

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