Also known as afghan crochet and tricot crochet.It makes a lovely fabric and is good for tapestry crochet too.I did need a fatter hook, though. The biggest one I could find was 6mm which is a bit on the tight side for tunisian’ing 8ply.Smaller ones are readily available and I am yet to find out what the heck they are used for! If you know please leave me a message.Then I  got hold of a 9mm’er. It has a hook on both ends.Which introduced me to cro-hooking. I didn’t think much of the fabric produced, but still, another stitch in the arsenal and the double ended hook works well for plain Tunisian in any case.

THEN I happened upon Tunisian in the round, which uses a double ended hook.You need two yarns on the go at once, which means you can have 2 colours.This produces a pretty cool look. I really needed more sizes in double ended Tunisians, though.  After a good week hunting through the blimmin internet, I finally tracked some down. And a 6mm (the biggest they had) is on it’s way from Oz as we speak!

So that’s to come.

Along with tapestry crochet. I just stumbled on an awesome site which has got the creative juices going there too

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